Thursday, 17 May 2018

About Binomo Review 2018

This broker was founded in 2014 and after 4 years its become the leader in the Crypto currency online trading. It is been regulated with a licence under the FMRRC authority. as we mentioned Binomo specializes in the trade of crypto currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc..  But it also operates with normal currencies as the US dollar , euro or the British pound. It provides a great platform to for trading with CFD's and Forex thanks to the many tools included.

Binomo logo by ORN

-Can I trust Binomo?

Binomo has received the 2016 IAIR award as well as the 2015 Expo award. It is also been mentioned on the famous magazine Forbes. To our eyes just this makes it a completely trustful broker and anyone shouldn't doubt that it will provide everything that we are looking for. In the next part we will be reviewing some of the best aspects of this online broker.

-What accounts can we chose in Binomo?

Binomo offers the chance to all its user to open a Demo account to start what we could call "practice trading" with a 1000 virtual dollars to spend. With this account new trader can test how the platform works and check out how it feels to trade with CFD's. the Demo account also gives the chance to test different strategies and see if we are comfortable trading with them.

Demo account binomo

After testing the demo account and decided that you want to start with the real thing, Binomo recommends 2 different accounts. The Standard with a minimum deposit of only 1 Dollar or the Gold  that asks a minimum deposit of 500 dollars. The standard account provides us with the basic trading tools and a maximum yield of 85%. With the gold account we will receive access to more advanced trading tools and a 5% return of lost transactions. In this case the yield is of 86%.

Binomo rewards the big traders with the VIP account. To have access to this account the minimum deposit is of $1000 and it will give us the most professional tools the platform has to offer and a yield of 90%. A return of 10% of failed trade will also be provided.

We have made a In deep review of Binomo about more of what this great broker has to offer click here and check it out now!

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

About Plus500 Review 2018

Why trade with plus500? well here is 2 of the best reasons why to trade CFD with plus500 in 2018. This is a great broker to make our daily trades and we will explain it now:

Plus500 Logo by ORN

Why to trust Plus500?

Plus500 Is one of the most famous brokers in the European market not only for the quality that it offers but also for all the regulations that it has. It is been regulated by the CySECCommission Values of Cyprus). one of the most important regulating Institutions that is vigilant for the safety of all the trades of in the European union.

Another Important regulation that this broker counts with is the FCA the well know Financial of Conduct Authority that is a must if you want to operate in the global markets.

When we talk about Plus500 we talk about a broker that was founded in 2008 after the financial crisis and after all this time its is still kicking. This gives peace of mind to everyone that is thinking about choosing this broker for daily trading.

Operations that can be done In the Plus500 platform

Trading Forex:

trade with different currencies like USD/JPY , AUS/CAD, EUR/GBP etc with a maximum leverage of 1:300 . The reason of this is that plus500 receives no commissions per trade and  that is why the payout is so high.

Financial trades with Indexes:

Chose and invest between the list of Indexes ( IBEX 35, DAX 30, S&P 500) with a leverage of 1:300. and as the other option plus500 does not ask for any commission per trade.

Raw Materials:

Trading with raw materials in Plus500 is also possible. We will be trading with materials such as gold , silver, gas, Oil etc

Crypto currencies:

This is a new option provided by this broker and it will give us the capability to trade with the famous crypto currencies like LiteCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple or Dash , etc.. Good thing about this markets is that is open 24/7 this includes the weekends.


Plus500 25$ sign up


We have made a deep review about everything that this broker has to offer and we can tell you this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Click here and check out our in depth Plus500 review.


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Monday, 14 May 2018

About PrimeCFDs Review

Today we are going to review some of the Online Broker PrimeCFDs is offering to its users. This broker is great for experienced traders and big investors as it offers great benefits for the big accounts that are only accessible with minimum amounts We will review its educational center and its the different types of accounts it offers. PrimeCFDs is owned by Orion Service EOOD and it is established in Bulgaria as one of the leading European platforms.

Trade with primeCFDs

Account types In PrimeCFDs

For the amateur traders it is recommended to start with the  Mini or silver account  that provide a 82% payout  and access to a big variety of educational content.

After that there is a set of "Big accounts" that are recommended only for big investors these accounts are the Gold, Platinum ,Diamond and Rhodium accounts.  Some of these accounts provide the user with a personal PrimeCFDs credit card for withdrawing their earnings directly. Some other accounts also provide entrance tickets to broker conventions and seminars with professional traders.

Educational center in PrimeCFDs

The educational center provides big amounts of knowledge for all the traders including the most advanced ones. Because one of the main things that this broker finds of importance is that all the traders have the best formation before starting to trade.

The educational center includes E-books and videos that will show step by step how to start trading as well as different strategies to get the maximum out of your trades. A trading calendar is included for everyone that asks for it. This calendar shows all the major political economic events that will happen during the next 30 days.. Online webinars are also provided were the most successful traders give out tips and tricks about trading with maximum profit. One of the best thing of the Educational Center is that they provide very good quality trading signals to all the owners of silver accounts and up.

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Friday, 11 May 2018

About Prestige FM Review 2018

Today we are going to review some of the highlights of the Prestige FM broker. We will be checking out the trading resources that are provided by this broker and the way they can help us. We will also review the different payment methods this broker provides to its users.

Prestige financial markets

What trading resources can we find in prestige FM?

Prestige Financial Markets provides all the traders that use their platform with a trading center that comes with a big amount of educational content aimed for all types of traders from the Novel trader till the more experienced ones. It provides basic beginners guides like "how to trade CFD and Forex" the "advanced traders guide" . This traders center also provides strategy E-books to maximize profits when trading with different assets. There is also a economic calendar for the mayor economic events that happen around the month and that can influence greatly the change of the currency markets. accompanied by this calendar traders also can check out a daily analysis of the currency markets from the best traders in the world.

Payment methods.

Prestige FM has a highly secure payment method system that counts with different methods of withdrawal and deposit. Traders can deposit funds with credit card such as Master card, Visa, Maestro, JBC and Diners Club. Online wallets are also accepted as skrill (minimum deposit of $100 ) or Money Booker's , secure bank wires are also provided with a minimum deposit of $250.

Because lately there has been a lot of fraud and money laundering going on and a requisite from the international laws Prestige Financial Markets will ask for a proof of identity like a picture of a the trader's Passport or ID card. This will be mandatory to be able to deposit and to withdraw any kind of funds.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

About BDSwiss Review 2018


This article will focus on some of the best aspects of the BDSwiss broker. We will talk about the different regulations that this broker has and why it is so secure to trade with it. Another thing we will be reviewing about this broker is the big amount of operations that is provides to all its users.

BDSwiss crypto logo

Is BDSwiss A regulated Broker?

This broker is fully regulated by the most important authorities of the world giving us the confidence that our money is secure against any scams. One of the regulations provided is CySEC that is an regulatory authority institution located in Cyprus that regulates all the online economic activities in Europe. The other is the MiFiD the directive of financial Instruments of the European union. Having these 2 financial institutions regulating and making sure this broker those everything by the book is a great guarantee for all the traders that want to start in the investment world.

Another thing that BDSwiss also provides is that all the funds deposited in the brokers account are ensured with the fund of investors compensation of Cyprus. This Insurance assures that in case of insolvency from part of this broker we will get payed back up to 20.000 euros to each user.

What assets can we trade with?

BDSwiss provides us with a big selection of operations directed for every kind of trader. Having a big selection of operations will help us diversify the risk.

The available operations are:

Actions, Stock exchange Indexes, Forex trading, CFD trading, Raw materials,  Pairs, And the new Crypto trading assets.

With this variety of operations we will be able to find the ones that we are most comfortable with when trading. Everyone has hes preferred operations and that is important to acquire the most out of our invested money.

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Monday, 30 April 2018

About Wise Trader Broker 2018


Today we are going to review some of the most important features of wise trader a new broker that has gained our trust because it is regulated in all the European country's and counts with the best regulations in the world. We will also review some of the accounts we can open with it and the educational material that it provides.

New logo of wise trader


Wise trader is regulated by the MFID II ( European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II)  and the well known CySEC ( the Cyprus investment Services , Activities and  Regulated Markets laws of 2018 L.87(I)/2018.

The Borker is also regulated in most of the european countrys that have regulating authorities :  Austria- FMA , Bulgaria- FSC, Croatia - HANFA, Denmark - FSA, Malta - MFSA, Portugal - CMVM, United kingdom - FCA, Finland - FSA Finland,  France - AMF, Germany - BaFIN, Norway - FSA Norway, Spain - CNMV, Sweden - FI,  Italy - CONSOB, Poland - KNF.

This gives us a peace of mind when trading knowing that we are backed up with all these regulating financial institutions.

-Types of accounts

Wise trader provides us with several accounts each one depending on our needs and level of expertise. We have the basic and bronze accounts that are recommended to people that are just starting in the trading world and that are still learning the ropes. Here the minimum deposit is $250 and $1000 for each account.

The Gold and silver accounts are recommended for intermediate traders that already know what they are doing and what to get more out of this trading platform. These users will free coaching sessions and more educational material to get to the next level. The minimum deposit for these accounts is $250 and $10000.

The Platinum and Rhodium accounts have been created for those expert traders that are expecting the maxium out from this broker. And this access to VIP assets and a lot of VIP content that the other account do not provide. The minimum deposit for these VIP accounts is $25000 and $30000 making them exclusive for the big traders.

Wise trader types of accounts

-Educational material

Wise trader provides us with a big collection of educational material from the educational center. We will get EBooks , Webinars, Training videos. This material Has been created by the Traders Education TM a famous online academy that gives support to several brokers including Wise trader. Upon opening any type of account every trader will be provided with a personal assistant that will help us set up our account to make the maximum profit.

For a bigger review of more about other features this great broker offers click here to read the full article!




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Thursday, 26 April 2018

About Etoro Broker in 2018

This broker one of the most well know brokers in the traders market. In this blog post we are going to talk about some of the things that have made this broker rank as one of the best in the world. Etoro It is as well one of the oldest brokers it opened its doors on 2008 after the financial crisis. Etoro provides one of the most sophisticated software to trade with and the expert traders will notice a big difference in the functionality of the trading tools compared to other brokers in the CFD and crypto trading world.

Pictture of the logo of Etoro broker

Etoro regulation and security

Etoro is a fully regulated broker counting with the FCA (The authority of British financial Conduct), NFA ( The  National Futures Association of the United States) and CySEC ( regulated by the  Cyprus securities and exchange commission)  these are  regulations that are the most important ones that a broker must have in order to be 100% legalized. And just by knowing that its regulated by this international authorities we should completely trust this broker.

The security that Etoro provides during the transactions is formidable giving an SSL encryption on the deposit and withdraw pages. This broker also deeply reviews every new customer asking for extra details to ensure that neither fraud nor money laundering is being made.

Etoro has also has a guaranteed funds system that ensures that even if the broker was failing or would have to close for some reason that every funds invested in this broker are reimbursed up to 20.000 euros per client.

Customer support

Etoro provides an excellent customer support to every user that registers and creates a new account. This broker also provides a 24/7 support by phone, email  and chat and they will be happy to help us with any doubts or questions we may have. When creating an account Etoro also assigns us a personal manager to contact about more complex questions about online trading.

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